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We stand behind our work (period). For over 100 years, our success has rested on our commitment to quality and getting the job done right.

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When we start your job, our project managers have only one job; yours. Our project managers have only one job at one time to ensure your job has 100% of their attention to get the job done right.

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We have been doing this for over 100 years.  Over the years you learn a thing or two and those things make all the difference. > Learn more here

What makes Home Exteriors by Baker Roofing Company different?

In addition to following industry and manufacturers standards, we have taken great care to develop specific installation methodologies, referred to as “Baker Best Practices” resulting from over a century of experience. We conduct extensive installation training and reinforcement of these practices with our workforce through our dedicated, internal education program, Baker Academy. These practices and investments exemplify our relentless effort to “engineer out” failures and issues. The commitment to exceptional quality and workmanship allows Home Exteriors by Baker to offer a full range of manufacturer warranty options from all major manufacturers.

Success is in the details.

Home Exteriors by Baker
Ice and Watershield
ice and watershield installed on roof
Your project's success is in the details:
A self-sealing membrane underlayment that is installed in the typical problem areas (along all flashing, valleys, penetrations, and lower sloped areas). This product provides additional protection from water infiltration at these critical areas of the roof system to ensure longevity in the harshest of environments.
Home Exteriors by Baker
Synthetic Underlayment
synthetic underlayment underneath shingles
Your project's success is in the details:

A woven synthetic underlayment material that replaces traditional 15 lb. felt paper. Exceptionally stronger and tear-resistant, providing safer work surfaces for installers and superior redundant systems of weather protection.

Home Exteriors by Baker
Aluminum Drip Edge
Your project's success is in the details:
A specifically designed flashing installed at all eaves and rake edges to direct water away from the fascia and protect the fascia and roof deck edges from wind-driven rain. We install a drip edge material that utilizes a deeper roof flange than the standard to provide superior protection.
Home Exteriors by Baker
Pipe Flashings
Your project's success is in the details:
We install high-quality NeverLeak pipe flashings that are warranted for 20 years. Superior powder-coated aluminum base, premium elastomeric collar seal, USA manufactured. Hidden fasteners and clips are used to eliminate potential leaks from exposed fasteners. We add an additional protective elastomeric collar seal for ultimate performance and longevity.
Home Exteriors by Baker
Roof to Wall Flashings
Your project's success is in the details:
Standard, pre-finished, baked-on enamel flashings fabricated from high quality, non-standard .024 aluminum. Kick-out flashings to divert water away from side-walls and into the gutter. Apron flashings installed with hidden fasteners and clips to “engineer out” exposed fasteners, eliminating potential leaks. Brick wall flashings cut into mortar joints, per industry standards, and sealed with high-quality urethane sealant.