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Try our instant roof calculator on your home, and get a roof budget in minutes!

Welcome to Baker Roofing Company, where roofing solutions meet cutting-edge technology with our revolutionary Roof Wizard Instant Roof Calculator. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of budgeting for a new roof, as our user-friendly tool empowers you to obtain an immediate budget estimate for your home by simply entering your address. The Roof Wizard not only provides a quick budget cost projection but also allows you to explore various shingle options to tailor your roofing preferences. Experience the ease of planning and pricing with our Roof Calculator, ensuring transparency in determining the cost of your new roof. Trust Baker Roofing Company to bring innovation to your roofing decisions.

instant roof calculator

Our Roof Wizard instant roof calculator is a tool that allows you to input your address and receive an immediate estimated budget on what a roof replacement should cost on your roof.

Our Roof Wizard instant roof calculator is not an actual contract price.  A Baker team member would need to review the price in order to confirm some details about the roof.  Give it a try!