Residential Roof Repair Services

You don't always have to replace your roof.

Baker Roofing Company not only replaces roofs, but we actively repair them too!

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Roof Repairs

We have been repairing roofs for over 100 years.​

Baker Roofing Company has been effectively installing and repairing roofs for over 100 years. Many times homeowners come to us saying that their roof is leaking and they need to install a new roof. While of course sometimes this is the case, but in many situations, a more cost effective roof repair can prolong the life of that roof for years to come! If you have a question about the condition of your roof, or need an estimate on roof repairs do not hesitate to reach out to one of our experts! We provide complimentary roof repair quotes!

Types of roofs we repair:

Clay Tile

If it's on the top of your home, we can fix it.

Residential Roof Repair Services
Just because you can see visual damage to your roof system, or you have a leak, does not mean the whole roof needs to be replaced. Often times a well placed repair can mitigate water intrusion or roof damage issues.  We offer a number of roof repair options to help extend the life of your existing roof system.