Critical Storm Response
Baker Roofing Company has the resources to help.
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Presently at this time we are only able to serve commercial customers.

If you have questions regarding residential requests, call your local office.

Storm Coverage Area

This map ONLY shows storm coverage. All other coverages remain the same. If you have residential coverage questions, please call your local office.

100% Self Performing Service / Repair Crews.

Safety / Training / Quality Assurance / Consistency

Baker Roofing Company’s Commercial Roof Repair and Commercial Roof Maintenance teams are specifically trained team members of the Baker Roofing Company organization that specialize in commercial roof maintenance. What that means is we are 100% self perform on our commercial repair work. When you place a service request with Baker Roofing Company you are getting a continuously trained, specialized, and uniformed Baker Roofing Company employee who knows how to get the job done right.
crew of roofers repairing damaged roof to stop leaks.

For over 100 years, we've been the leader in:

Communicating Well

We promise to keep you in the “know” from the first look to the final repair.

Doing the Job Right

Our self-performing crews are specifically trained on commercial roof repair.

Standing Behind Our Work

You don’t become over 100 years old by walking away. We warranty our work and they mean something.
roof repair employee getting ready to repair roof

What to expect from our service team.

Baker Roofing Company roof repair crews operate under industry leading best practices, learned over 100 years + of servicing and repair commercial roofs.

No roof is too big or too small for us. No roof is to complex or too simple. We roof it all, and we roof it the best.