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Complimentary Roof Observation Survey for commercial flat roofs.

Complimentary (FREE!) Roof Observation Survey From Baker Roofing Company

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Visual Roof Obserservation Survey

Baker Roofing Company will perform a roof observation survey and evaluate the major components of your roofing system.  If we don’t observe any deficiencies GREAT! If we do notice them we will make note of what we see and submit our findings back to you f or your records.

We'll look at:

A message from our President.

Baker Roofing Company takes team member, customer, and community safety very seriously.  We have developed industry leading safety and sanitation practices that support our enduring promise of ‘Always Good Work’.

No Contact Survey

Our inspections are performed according to our enhanced operating guidelines.  Scroll down and watch the video below to learn more. 

Documented Findings

While this survey is no replacement for a preventative roof assessment program it does provide you with documented observations.

No Proposal

This is not just another proposal.  In the event we observe deficiencies we will note them, but we will not provide a proposal on those items unless explicitly requested.   


We have had a number of major systems in the last 4 weeks.  Doing your due diligence displays to your building occupants your readiness for their return. 

Medical Facilities & essential service buildings will be prioritized for observations