Baker Roofing Company is rolling out a new initiative to provide our employees with a platform to address unethical concerns they observe within the workplace.

Baker Roofing has subscribed to VERIFI™, an employee whistleblower and compliance reporting hotline. VERIFI™ allows any employee to report what they see in the organization regarding fraud, theft, conduct that risks or misuses the organization’s finances or assets, inappropriate vendor or client arrangements, conflicts of interest, company policy violations, falsification of financial records, or any ethical violation on an anonymous basis, without any fear of retribution.

You can make a difference by reporting the actions of others in the workplace that may negatively affect the productivity, profitability, morale and safety of Baker Roofing. VERIFI™ is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This helpline is not intended to take reports on general workplace dissatisfaction or similar complaints and is not an emergency reporting line. Please, if an emergency exists, contact the correct authorities for immediate attention.

The reports can be made anonymously, or you may share your identity. The people at VERIFI™ will take the information you provide and prepare a summarized report. They will evaluate and assess the information and provide it to the appropriate people at Baker Roofing, along with their meaningful recommendations for the next steps. We will then take the appropriate investigative or other action on the information that we are provided. You may follow-up with VERIFI™ to understand how your report was addressed.

Keep in mind that this is completely anonymous, and we will not know your identity, unless you wish to share it. We are supportive of this program and encourage its use.

Report your observations through a secure hotline, Verifi. You can report unethical behavior anonymously, 24/7.

Report Anonymously, Here:

Baker Roofing Company’s ID: 40122