Baker Roofing Company Ethics Hotline

We know that most all of us endeavor to “do the right thing” on a daily basis, but we also know that many have not had the voice or platform to communicate their concerns when they arise.  To that end,  We are happy to announce the official launch of our Ethics Hotline Platform.  This is an anonymous tool where you can safely submit unethical behavior you might observe through this confidential hotline, Verifi. This tool is through a third party and can be used to report questionable behavior in the workplace. You can report unethical behavior anonymously, 24/7. If you have a question regarding ethical business practices related to your job, you may also freely and safely ask those questions here!  Thank you! Baker Roofing Management Team

Report your observations through a secure hotline, Verifi. You can report unethical behaviour anonymously 24/7.  Visit (
or call 1-855-5VERIFI (1-855-583-7434) to report unethical behaviour in the workplace. 

Baker Roofing Code of Ethics

Over the course of several months and numerous meetings, many of our General Managers, Department Heads, and other employees from across the company felt that it was important to establish a Code of Ethics as a means of providing a common “language” for how we should all act when we find ourselves in certain situations. The intent of raising awareness about the Code of Ethics is to ensure that all of our future behaviors are in line with expectations. Going forward, if you feel that someone is not following the Code of Ethics, it is important that you notify your supervisor or the Human Resources department immediately.

  1. We tell the truth
  2. We do not steal or cheat
  3. We treat everyone with respect
  4. We speak to one another in a courteous tone and refrain from cursing or using offensive language
  5. We do not accept money, gifts, or other financial benefits from subcontractors
  6. We do not do side work that competes with services offered by Baker without prior approval
  7. We refer leads to the company
  8. We do not take Baker Roofing equipment, vehicles, or tools home for personal use unless approved
  9. We store all project material at the jobsite or at the Baker Warehouse, even at the conclusion of a project
  10. We do not accept gifts, trips, or cash from vendors without prior approval
  11. We bring all metal, whether scrap or new, back to the office for recycling,
    unless we have received prior approval
  12. We do not purchase personal items with company credit cards