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What you can expect from our service offerings:

  • Pre-Sale Property Assessment

    Let our commercial experts provide a complimentary property inspection to enhance your negotiations. Gain the upper hand in property transactions with a detailed analysis, focusing on the crucial component of any building – the roof!

  • Roof Condition Analysis

    Rely on our seasoned commercial roofing specialists to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your roof system. We offer expert recommendations for repairs or replacements at a minimal cost, tailored to your system's design and layout. Discover key insights into your roof's longevity, current state, and any potential shortcomings.

  • Budgeting for Peace of Mind

    Whether you're buying, selling, or maintaining a commercial property, our team offers invaluable insights into maintenance and repair costs throughout your roof system's lifespan. Plan your finances with confidence.

  • Skilled, In-House Service Teams

    At Baker Roofing Company, our dedicated service crews are primed to identify deficiencies and execute repairs on various commercial roof systems. Expect swift responses for leak repairs, routine maintenance, or collaborative up-fit projects with other contractors.

  • Complete Roof Replacement

    Count on Baker Roofing Company's dedicated production crews for full roof replacements across a spectrum of roofing systems, including TPO, PVC, KEE, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, Metal, and Shingle Roof Systems.

Of course, if you need help understanding what it all means then we would love to help!