Top 10 Minecraft Roof Designs

In 2024, we all need a little escapism in our lives, right? That’s why even as adults, many of us still find ourselves playing Minecraft – and loving it. From the expansive terrain to the vast range of building materials to even just the calming music (as long as you stay away from caves), Minecraft is the perfect way to relax after a stressful day.

Of course, when you start a Minecraft world, the first thing you need to do is build a house. That’s why we’re sharing our roofing expertise and covering the top ten most interesting, most aesthetic, and all-around coolest Minecraft roof designs, all so you can build the perfect home-base for all your mining and crafting adventures.

10. Skylight Roof

Incorporating skylights into your roof can brighten up your Minecraft home with natural daylight, especially if you have a large home where the light coming through windows doesn’t reach the whole interior space. Combining this with a visual enhancement mod like OptiFine can make your interior feel real, making it the perfect place to spend your virtual days. Plus, this design can be incorporated into many of the options below, giving you versatility in your build’s look.

9. Sawtooth Roof

The sawtooth roof, which sports a series of ridges with dual pitches, is perfect for modern or industrial-style builds. Not only is it aesthetically unique, but like the skylight roof, it allows sunlight to enter through the glass panes typically used on the steeper side, brightening up your home’s interior.

8. Gothic Roof

For a grand and dramatic look, try a Gothic roof with steep pitches and decorative elements like spires and gargoyles. Dark materials like blackstone or deepslate tiles can add to the mysterious vibe. And, if you’re expanding your builds beyond houses, keep in mind that this design is perfect for castles or cathedrals.

7. Sloped Terracotta Roof

For a touch of Spanish or Mediterranean flair in your Minecraft world (Alex, I’ll take sentences that have never been spoken before for $500), consider a sloped terracotta roof. To create this look, use yellow, orange, and red terracotta, and you can even incorporate some red sandstone to vary up the texture a bit. Start with a simple pitched roof and then extend the slopes outward for a more authentic look. You can also add details like roof tiles using stairs or slabs to give your build some extra texture. White or light-colored walls complement the terracotta roof perfectly, and you can even incorporate some greenery like leaves and vines to bolster the Mediterranean look. This style is perfect for villas, haciendas, or any other build that aims to capture a laid-back vibe.

6. Green Roof

Visually impressive and eco-friendly (because we all know the importance of fighting Minecraft climate change), green roofs are perfect for nature-inspired builds. Start with a flat or slightly-sloped roof and cover it with grass or moss blocks, adding some of Minecraft’s flowers, grass, or trees to texture the space. You can even add a small pond with a bench made out of wooden or cobblestone stairs to make your roof more of a true living space. This design not only looks great but also blends your building into the natural surroundings, keeping it safe from any griefers that have it out for you.

5. Dome Roof

For a more exotic or fantasy-style build, try a dome roof. You can create a dome by starting with a circle and gradually decreasing the circumference of each layer as you build upwards. Plus, materials like stained glass or glazed terracotta can add a splash of color and make your dome stand out.

4. Mansard Roof

Inspired by French architecture, the mansard roof has four sides, each with a steep lower slope and a more gradual upper slope. This design is ideal for players who want extra living or storage space, as the design naturally creates an attic. Dark oak wood and stone bricks can give this style a more elegant look.

3. Butterfly Roof

A butterfly roof is a more contemporary choice that inverts the typical V-shape of a traditional roof, creating a look reminiscent of a butterfly’s wings (hence the name). To build this in Minecraft, slope two roof sections downwards towards the center, where they meet at a low point rather than a ridge. This design is great for modern buildings and can also allow for large windows or glass panels in the upper walls, letting in lots of natural light. The butterfly roof can be made with materials like concrete, copper, or glass, all of which can enhance the modern look.

2. Flat Modern Roof

Another great modern option is the flat roof. You can use materials like stone slabs and concrete to achieve a sleek, minimalist appearance. Plus, you can incorporate aspects of the green roof design we talked about earlier to create a rooftop garden!

1. Gabled Roof

At number one, we have the classic favorite, the gabled roof. This pitched style features two sloped sides that come together at a ridge, creating end walls with a triangular extension known as a gable. This design is great for cottages or medieval-inspired builds, but it’s fairly versatile in how it can be used – another reason why it’s so popular. Plus, you can use contrasting materials for the gables and the roof itself to make it truly stand out.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to roof designs in Minecraft. You can put your own creative spin on any of our Minecraft roof ideas – don’t be afraid to try different materials and shapes to create a style that’s perfect for your unique build. In the end, the most important part of any Minecraft base is that it reflects you, so get out there and build the perfect roof design for you!