5 Common Roofing Questions

aerial photo of a shingle roof with copper accents surrounded by green trees

We know when it comes time to replace or repair your roof, there are a lot of unknowns. No house is the same! Each home is handled differently and that is why we value coming to the home, getting on the roof, and evaluating your home specifically. If you feel like you don’t even know where to start when it comes to interviewing your options, we have compiled the top 5 questions that we get asked when we are on the job.

  1. How long will the work take? Once we know what type of roof and the size of your home, we can estimate the duration of the project. For example, for the average house, a shingle reroof takes 1-2 days, and for larger homes, it takes anywhere from 2-4 days. We attempt to meet the estimated times although sometimes we face unforeseen obstacles such as bad weather which could potentially delay the project.
  2. Do I need to be home when the work takes place? No, you are not required to be home for the work to take place. We have a dedicated project manager that will handle coordination with both you and the crew. If you choose not to be home during our project, we do ask that all remaining vehicles are moved from the driveway to prevent damage from debris.
  3. How much more does a metal roof cost than a shingle roof? Metal and shingle roofs are both beautiful, but they are very different! On average, a standing seam metal roof will cost at least 3 times more than a shingle reroof. While metal roofs are more costly, they last significantly longer. A shingle roof is expected to last 10-15 years compared to a metal roof which could last up to 30 years.
  4. Who will perform the work, employees or subcontractors? We utilize both options for different jobs. For example, a shingle reroof will typically be handled by a sub-crew, overseen by one of Baker Roofing’s dedicated project managers.
  5. What makes Baker Roofing different from other roofing companies? Our crews have a strong work ethic and a ‘get the job done right’ mentality. While efficiency is one of our priorities, here at Baker, we believe the job is not truly completed until the final walkthrough occurs and the customer is satisfied with our work. We are proud to share some of our past reviews that back up our promise of ‘Always Good Work’!

Do you still have any remaining questions? We would love the opportunity to help. Feel free to call, text, or fill out a web form, and someone from our customer care team will be in touch shortly!