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3 Application Tips From a Construction Recruiter

Are you interested in joining a fast-paced and hands-on industry? The construction industry is growing quickly. We are finding both males and females have taken an interest in learning the trade. Construction allows you to work with your hands, be outside, problem-solve, and have career advancement.

We sat down with our recruitment team to see what they look for during the process of reviewing an application. Here are 3 tips to think about when you are applying:

1. Be Professional – Let your recruiter or interviewer know how serious you are about the job by doing more than simply telling them. Be proactive in communicating with the company representative, and make sure to respond to phone calls, emails, and questions with appropriate and professional responses. It may seem simple, but often times showing up early for appointments and interviews, demonstrating good manners, and maintaining eye contact can really distinguish you from others applying for the same position. When comparing two candidates who are otherwise equal, the candidate who is polite and professional will get the job every time.

Recruiting horror stories are never-ending (seriously, just Google it!). Acting inappropriately, and making your interviewer, or someone you encounter during the hiring process uncomfortable will likely cost you the job. It’s better to keep it professional!

2. Stay Open-minded – Even if you have years of experience in the construction industry, remaining open-minded when interviewing or starting a new job can alleviate lots of stress on your boss and yourself. Your new company may have a different way of doing things, and training at each company takes time. Show your interviewer, recruiter, or boss that you are open-minded and willing to try something new by letting them know of past learning opportunities you have taken advantage of.

Think back to when you were a child and what you dreamed of becoming when you grew up. Chances are, who you are now is not exactly what you planned to be then. Staying open-minded can allow for new and different opportunities that can lead to great success.

3. Demonstrate a Track Record of Hard Work – Jobs in the Construction industry does not always require previous construction experience. Previous work history is important but does not always indicate your abilities. During the interview, or when other opportunities present themselves in the hiring process, make the effort to prove that you have previously, and expect to continue working hard.

Providing examples and stories of consistently staying driven and doing hard work will help any interviewer get a better understanding of the work they can expect from you if you join their company. Baker Roofing Company understands the value of good work and expects employees at all levels to push themselves to always do good work above anything else. Being able to prove your hard work will always give you an advantage over anyone who can’t.

We would love the opportunity to learn more about you! No experience? No problem. There is a place for you at Team Baker. Let us help you find the right fit!

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